insurance companies have denied payment in 43.8% of all closed Hurricane Matthew claims in Daytona Beach and Flagler Counties. This amounts to nearly half of all insurance claims either being denied or estimated by the adjuster (working for the insurance company) below the deductible.

As of October 28, the Florida Office of insurance Regulation reports the following statistics for claims in Daytona Beach and Flagler Counties:

Number of Claims 35,868

Closed Claims (Paid) 8,025

Closed Claims (Unpaid) 6,244

Number Claims Open 21,599

Percent Claims Closed 39.8%

These statistics raise several questions:

Of the 6,244 unpaid claims, how many claims were either wrongfully denied or underpaid so that the claim failed to exceed the deductible?

Of the 8,025 paid claims, how many claims were underpaid?

The simple answer is, without review of each and every claim by an experienced property insurance attorney, a homeowner will likely never know if their insurance company properly paid or denied payment.

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