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Comprehensive Real Estate Law in Daytona Beach, FL

When you need an experienced and knowledgeable real estate lawyer you can trust, our office is the one to call. As a full service law firm, our legal team at Doran Sims Wolfe and Ciocchetti represents individual and commercial property owners, contractors, developers, investors and condominium associations. We are ready to help you with your property purchase, sale, negotiation or development. We always try to help you clearly understand your real estate transaction and try to avoid the delays and costs of a dispute or litigation.

If you are currently selling or buying residential or commercial property, even facing foreclosure, we have the experience to protect your interests. At Doran, Sims, Wolfe, & Ciocchetti, our property attorneys have been serving our community for more than four decades. Our attorneys can provide assistance in cases involving several key areas of real estate law. Read on to learn more.

Residential Real Estate

If you have concerns or questions about buying a home, need assistance with your title, or want more information about zoning and easements, hiring a knowledgeable legal team is the best way to get the information and assistance you need. Our residential real estate lawyers with sit down with you to go over all of the ins and outs of your specific home or apartment-buying issue, and give you the legal assistance you need going forward.

Commercial Real Estate

The legal world of commercial real estate can be confusing to navigate without the help of a knowledgeable legal professional. With several areas to address — including assignment of leases, UCC financing statements, loans, and more — finding advice and assistance you can trust is vital for your business. Let our lawyers help answer your questions and provide assistance with the preparation of commercial real estate documents.

Mortgages and Mortgage Foreclosure

Knowing your options and protecting assets is essential when dealing with your mortgage, especially if you are facing a foreclosure. Having a legal professional to help you with questions, mortgage modification paperwork, and appeals, is essential in ensuring that you are treated fairly with your mortgage. Our lawyers have years of experience providing legal assistance for clients’ mortgages and foreclosure issues. We’ll help you get the deal you deserve.

Contract Litigation

If you are in a dispute with another party over the stipulations of a contract, having a legal professional to help you with your case is incredibly important, if not entirely necessary. Let our contract litigation lawyers at Doran, Sims, Wolfe & Ciocchetti give you the legal advice and representation you need to come out on the right side of your contract dispute.

Title Insurance

In addition to our professional legal services, our firm also offers fast, accurate and competitively priced title insurance on real estate and escrow closing services to Realtors, lenders, builders and to the public.

For more information about our real estate services, please contact our firm by calling (386) 506-8325.​

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